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How to clean laminate floors

How to clean laminate floors

how to clean laminate floorsWe get asked how to clean laminate floors all the time.  Laminate flooring is very easy to maintain and so can be cleaned easily.  We do not recommend using a wet mop or steam cleaners, as these items will get water or moisture down into the wood’s center where it’s composite materials are.  

When moisture hits the composite materials, the materials expand and this can ruin the floor permanently. Hoovering and sweeping are two of the most common methods of cleaning along with a damp cloth for spot cleaning any spills or messes that require a bit more than a quick brush. This will cover most of the issues that arise in particular with kitchen laminate flooring

Be Gentle with Laminate Flooring

When thinking about how to clean laminate floors remember that they are made of layers of materials.  The top surface is often wood and has a protective layer on it. However, it’s protective layer won’t stand up to harsh scratches.  If there happens to be something sticky such as chewing gum or candle wax on the floor do not use anything metal to pry it up. This could scratch and gouge the floor’s surface, however, a hard plastic item such as a credit card could work.  Harden the material with ice in a bag first to get it good and solid and then use the card to scrape up the dirt and debris.

When reviewing how to clean laminate floors there are also cleaning products out there that are designed for laminate flooring care.  These are typically a safe option as well. Just be sure that you are not putting a lot of liquid on the floors so that the liquid doesn’t have a chance to get to the center of the floor.  And, by the center, we mean the center of the laminate pieces.

Pets and Laminate flooring

If you have pets, we recommend a rubber backed rug under their food and water bowls as well as the litter pans.  This will protect the floor for accidental spills that could ruin the floor permanently. Simple protection such as this can help avoid needing how to clean laminate floors as well.  

There are many suggestions on how to clean laminate floors but always use some common sense as well.  Ensure that you are protecting the flooring from moisture is the first thing when looking at how to clean laminate flooring to keep in mind.  Otherwise, the flooring is very similar to any hard flooring.

Sweeping with a broom and dustpan or using a vacuum for hard floors will keep the dust and debris up.  This helps prevent scratching as well. Hover or sweep often if it is a heavy foot traffic area. This will ensure your floor will last years to come and keep your home looking great.

Understanding how to clean

If you have any other questions on how to clean laminate flooring just ask.  We have worked with laminate flooring for many years. Understanding your laminate flooring and how to clean laminate flooring is important in the longevity of your flooring investment.  We understand that getting new flooring is exciting but understating how to clean laminate flooring is important as well. That’s why we offer help in this area and will try to be as honest and thorough as we can.

If we can help you with understanding how to clean laminate flooring, let us know.